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ctober ■1535, shortly after Michaelmas, ●Dr. Leighton, the visitor, entered th■e cathedral, and Archbishop Cranmer wen■t up into the pulpit. He had seen Ro■me: he had an intimate conviction that that c■it


y exerted a mischievous influence over all■ Christendom; he desired, as primate, to t■ake advantage of this important opportunity to■ break publicly with her. 'No,' he said, '●the bishop of Rome is not

God's vicar■. In vain you will tell me that the See of Rom●e is called Sancta Sedes, and its b■ishop entitled Sanctissimus Papa: the pop●e's holiness is but a holiness in name.[171] Vai■n-glory, worldly


pomp, unrestr●ained lust, and vices innumerable pre●vail in Rome. I have seen it with my own ■eyes. The pope claims by his ceremonies to ●forgive men their sins: it is ■a serious error. One work only /p>

鯾lots them out, namely, the deat●h of our Lord Jesus Christ. So l●ong as the See of Rome endur■es, there will be no remedy for the evils wh●ich overwhelm us. These many years I■ had daily prayed unto God

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that ●I might see the power of Rome destroyed.'[172] L●anguage so frank necessarily d■ispleased the adherents of the pope, and a●ccordingly, when Cranmer alluded to hi■s energetic daily prayer, the S

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